Rose Hybridizers Association Member Showcase

The roses in this list were hybridized by RHA members. Click on the name for a picture and more information.
  • Honeybee - David Zlesak
  • Hopie Girl - John Sheldon
  • Ingrid - George Mander
  • Krystal Lynn - Ed Kinsley
  • Pasadena Star - Bob Martin
  • Perfect Beauty - Mattie Lou Westfall
  • Ramblin' Red - Bill Radler
  • Ruby - Frank Benardella
  • Sam Trivitt - Jim Sproul
  • Sherman's Sweetie - Randy Hughes
  • St. Patrick - Frank Strickland
  • Strawberry Romance - John Sheldon
  • TOPxD42 - Jim Sproul
  • Unnamed Seedling - Paul Barden
  • Unnamed Seedling - Bob Byrnes
  • Unnamed Seedling - Jim Sproul
  • Unnamed Seedling - Jim Turner
  • Vannie - Bryan French

  • If you are an RHA member and would like to see one of your roses on this page, please attach its picture to an email and email it to "casa_de_tierra @" (no spaces) along with some information about the rose. The information should include things like the rose's name and parentage, what makes it special, date of germination, registration, or release, and anything else you'd like to tell people about it.
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