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About the Rose Hybridizers Association

Rose Hybridizers Association was organized in 1969 by thirteen members who passed a hand-written newsletter from person to person. Today we have more than 200 members in more than 20 countries.

Our members have introduced more than 500 new roses to the commercial market.

One of our members was awarded the coveted All-American Rose Selection (AARS, 1996) for his rose named St. Patrick. Another member was awarded both the AARS (2000) and the Anerkannte Deutsche Rose (ADR, 2002) for his rose named Knockout.

The Rose Hybridizers Association supports our members in several ways:

  • Our RHA Newsletter reaches members every spring, summer, fall and winter. An archive of past issues is available for sale.
  • Members may borrow books and other materials from the RHA Lending Library.
  • The RHA, in cooperation with the American Rose Society, has established a Test Garden Project at Shreveport, LA, and the Boerner Botanical Gardens in Hales Corners, WI.
  • Our forum provides a meetingplace where members from all over the world share information and resources.

While some rose breeders find fame and fortune from their rose creations, most will not. Breeders do experience the wonder of seeing their own seedlings unfurl the petals of their first little buds, unique in all the world and possessed of boundless hope and promise.

Growing and breeding roses is fun. We encourage you to try it.