Rose Hybridizers Association Constitution


Section 1. Shall be Rose Hybridizers Association hereinafter called R.H.A.


Section 1. RHA shall disseminate information through a quarterly newsletter relating to all phases of the hybridization of roses.

Section 2. RHA shall promote exchange of materials among members including pollen, budwood, understock, seeds, etc.

Section 3. RHA shall promote proper, unbiased evaluation of roses at its test gardens.

Membership and Dues

Section 1. All persons who pay annual dues are eligible for membership.

Section 2. Life membership may be given a person by unanimous vote of Directors.

Section 3. Membership year will be the calendar year.

Section 4. Amount of annual dues will be set by majority vote of Directors.

Directors and Appointed Officers

Section 1. Directors shall consist of General Director and District Directors.

Section 2. General Director shall be elected by plurality vote of members.

Section 3. District Directors shall be elected by plurality vote of members of district in which they reside.

Section 4. Appointed officers with assistants as needed, shall be Treasurer, Secretary, Editor, Librarian and Consultants. These appointments shall be made by General Director with concurrence of a majority of District Directors.

Section 5. Appointed officers shall not have a vote in affairs of RHA

Section 6. General Director may be removed from office by majority vote of Directors or by majority vote of the members.

Section 7. District Director may be removed from office by majority vote of members of his district.

Section 8. Vacancies occurring during term of office shall be filled by appointment of General Director, such appointment to end at close of scheduled term.

Section 9. Vacancy occurring in office of General Director shall be filled by majority vote of District Directors, such appointment to end at close of scheduled term.

Duties of the Officers

Section 1. Directors shall:
(1) Establish policy
(2) Set and revise boundaries of district
(3) Consider proposals initiated by members
(4) Perform all necessary functions of RHA not delegated to others by this Constitution

Section 2. General Director shall:
(1) Execute all policies of Directors
(2) Arrange for meetings of RHA as a scheduled part of program at American Rose Society National meetings.
(3) Act as chief liaison person with American Rose Society in matters of mutual concern
(4) Initiate for consideration of Board policies deemed in best interest of RHA

Section 3. District Director shall:
(1) Act as liaison person between members of his district and RHA
(2) Promote welfare of RHA in his district
(3) Initiate consideration of policies deemed in best interest of his district and RHA

Section 4. Treasurer shall:
(1) Accurately keep all financial records of RHA
(2) Publish in newsletter yearly record of RHA income, disbursements and current status.
(3) Provide Directors at any time upon request current record or official audit of finances.
(4) Disburse funds to meet expenses approved by Directors.

Section 5. Secretary shall:
(1) In cooperation with Treasurer keep up-to-date recored of membership
(2) Provide mailing labels to Editor for each edition of Newsletter
(3) Do official correspondence as requested by General Director

Section 6. Editor shall:
(1) Solicit appropriate newsletter material from members and other sources
(2) Send newsletter to members on a quarterly basis.

Section 7. Librarian shall:
(1) Loan books form RHA library to members for cost of postage and insurance
(2) Provide duplication of newsletters and other library material for cost of duplication and postage


Section 1. Election of General Director and District Directors shall be held during 1979 and subsequently every four years.

Section 2. Terms of Directors shall be for four years beginning on January 1, 1980 and on January 1 every fourth year.

Section 3. All members may vote for General Director and a plurality of the votes cast shall determine the winner.

Section 4. Only members of a particular district may vote for District Director of that district, and a plurality of votes cast shall determine the winner.

Section 5. General Director and District Directors shall each appoint one member to the Nominations Committee. The person appointed by General Director shall serve as Chairman of Nominations Committee.

Section 6. Elections shall be conducted in the following manner:
(1) Names of persons on Nominations Committee shall be announced in summer Newsletter of 1979 and subsequently every four years.
(2) Any member may make nominations for District Director of his district and/or for General Director. All nominations will be mailed to the District Nominations Committee representative. Consent of person being nominated should be obtained in advance.
(3) If no nominations are received for a particular office the Nominations Committee shall make that nomination.
(4) Nominations Committee shall send list of nominees to Editor for publication in Fall edition of the newsletter. Fall edition shall include ballot containing names of all nominees.
(5) Ballots shall be mailed to Chairman of Elections Committee. He shall then certify results of election to General Director and to Editor.
(6) Results of elections shall be printed in Winter edition of Newsletter.


Section 1. Normal and routine expenses of RHA such as Directors' postage and telephone expenses and production of mailing of Newsletter may be handled by Treasurer. All other disbursements must have prior approval of Directors.

Section 2. In no case may disbursements be made which exceed current treasury balance.


Section 1. This constitution may be amended or repealed by majority vote of Directors or membership provided notice of proposed change has been published in Newsletter at least six months prior to such vote.


Section 1. At no time may Directors or any group of members vote to dissolve RHA or its assents. Neither may they remove or alter Article IX of this Constitution.

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