Index to ARS Articles on Rose Breeding

The index was originally compiled and typewritten by Jack D. Lissemore in 1973. It was scanned and converted to an RTF document by Peter Harris, and converted from RTF to HTML by Jim Turner. Mary Peterson compiled the entries for the American Rose Annuals 1973-2000 and Royal National Rose Society Annuals 1978-1979.


This index was compiled from all the American Rose Society publications since 1916 mainly for the interest of the amateur rose breeder. The articles listed contain all kinds of information relative to the cross-breeding of roses, such as the mechanics of hand pollination, seed germination, chromosome count, cold hardiness, etc., as well as the background of modern roses and who made them. Various amateurs describe their methods of working and some of the famous breeders tell how they obtained their masterpieces.

Jack D. Lissemore
Tenafly, New Jersey

April 1973


1916 24 Prof. E.A. White
Cornell University
Rose Breeding
1916 27 W. Van Fleet
U.S. Dept. Agriculture
Possibilities in the Production of American Garden Roses
1916 41 Jesse A. Curry Father Schoener's Endeavors.
1917 41 W. Van Fleet On the 1916 Rose firing Line.
1918 43 W. Van Fleet Notes from the Rose Firing Line.
1918 51 Prof. E.A. White Methods of Rose Breeding.
1919 29 Dr. W. Van Fleet Rose Breeding Notes for 1918.
1920 23 Dr. W. Van Fleet Rose Breeding Notes for 1919.
1920 155 Editorial Rose NotesWhy Do Rose Seeds Germinate So Slowly?
1921 25 Dr. W. Van Fleet Rose Breeding in 1920 at Bell Experimental Plot.
1923 19 Robert Pyle &
J. Horace McFarland
Who Will Make New Garden Roses Worth While?
1923 183 Editorial Rose Notes Why Not Use the Bourbon Rose in Hybridizing?
1924 23 E.H. Wilson
Arnold Arboretum
What Roses Does America Need?
1924 27 L. C. Corbett Continuing Dr. Van Fleet's Work.
1924 29 Martin Bilon Rose Hybridizing for Amateurs.
1924 33 A.C. Fraser
Cornell University
Breeding Hardy Roses for Northeastern America.
1924 37 J. H. Nicolas Budding and Breeding Work for the Rose Amateur.
1924 42 Otto Greef Securing New Hardy Garden Roses.
1924 121 Alister Clark
The Story of the Gigantea Hybrids.
1925 59 J. H. Nicolas Who Will Carry On?
1925 63 Allen C. Fraser Quick Germination of Rose Seeds.
1926 28 J. H. Nicolas The Rose of the Future.
1926 34 William Crocker, Director
Boyce-Thompson Institute
After Ripening and Germination of Rose Seeds
1926 38 Allen C. Fraser Notes on Breeding Roses.
1926 41 B. Y. Morrison
U.S. Dept. Agriculture
Carrying On Dr. Van Fleet's Work
1926 50 Pedro Dot
Results of 1924 Rose Hybridizing in Spain.
 54 Kathleen B. Blackburn Chromosomes and Their Relation to Rose Problems.
 59 J. H. Nicolas Mendelian Principles and Rose Hybridization.
 63 J. Pernet-DucherArtificial Fertilization.
 66 Capt. Geo. C. Thomas, Jr. Parents and Offspring.
 69 Allen C. Fraser Handling Seeds and Seedlings.
 71 Pedro Dot
Roses and Their Hybridization in Spain.
 73 Rena A. Wilbur Hybridization from a Woman's Viewpoint.
 75 W. L. Bredero
A Poor Start Makes Poor Roses.
1928 11 Paul B. Sanders
Parents and Pedigrees.
1929 21 Capt. Geo. C. Thomas, Jr. Breeding Roses At Home.
1930 59 Joseph Lavender
Hybridizing Roses Without A Greenhouse.
1930 91 Eileen Whitehead Erlanson
Dr. Hurst's Rose Classification.
1931 33 Capt. Geo. C. Thomas, Jr. Breeding New Roses.
1931 39 Josephine & Walter D. BrownellRose Breeding in Rhode Island
1931 45 Rev. Geo. M.A. Schoener Breeding Better Roses.
1932 91 Rev. Geo. M.A. Schoener Rosa Gigantea and Its Allied Species.
1934 63 Eileen Whitehead Erlanson Pollen Analysis for Rose Breeding.
1935 117 M. H. Horvath Progress in Breeding Hardy Climbers.
1936 39 F. L. Skinner
More About Really Hardy Roses.
1936 41 Percy H. Wright
Hybrids of the Circumpolar Rose.
1936 43 Dr. Neils E. Hansen One Hundred Per Cent Thornless Roses.
1936 89 S. L. Wiseman Outdoor Rose Breeding in Illinois.
1937 23 Eileen Whitehead Erlanson Studies in Rose Heredity
1937 33 Lola Barton Germinating Hybrid Rose Seeds.
1937 37 M. H. Horvath A Veteran's Experience With Rose Seeds.
1937 41 S. L. Wiseman More Outdoor Rose Breeding.
1937 43 Rena E. Wilber Amateur Rose Hybridization.
1937 47 Percy H. Wright
The True Dwarf Prairie Rose.
1937 49 Dr. Neils E. Hansen Rosa Rugosa Hybrids.
1937 166 Dr. J. H. Nicolas 'Arcticness' and Mathematics.
1938 27 Charles Mallerin
The Better Roses of the Future.
1938 53 Svend Poulsen
The Poulsen Roses
1938 71 Percy H. Wright
The 'Arcticness' of Various Roses.
1939 49 Eileen W. Erlanson What is a Chromosome?
1939 55 Jean Gaujard A Study of the Hybridization and Heredity of Roses.
1940 47 J. Horace McFarland Editorial Comment: The Methods of a Hybridizer.
1940 53 Dr. H. Von Rathlef
Does Mendel's Law Apply to Roses or Not?
1940 79 Dr. Neils E. Hansen Progress in Thornless Roses.
1940 83 F. L. Skinner
Hardiness Possibilities.
1940 84 Percy H. Wright
Hybridizing the Hardy Rose.
1940 91 Miss Isabella Preston
Central Canadian Rose Breeding.
1941 77 Dr. E. J. Hamilton European and American Roses Compared.
1941 97 Dr. A. C. Fraser The Details of Rose Hybridization.
1941 103 Stephen F. Hamblin Climber Parentage for Hardy Hybrid Teas.
1941 108 Dr. Nicolas Kitchounov
The Soviet Wants Hardy Roses.
1941 111 Georges Bugnet
The Search for Total Hardiness.
1941 115 Harry H. Wooley Making New Roses.
1941 120 S. L. Wiseman Amateur Rose Breeding.
1941 122 Raymond C. Fisher Cross-Breeding Hybrid Teas for Pleasure.
1941 61 L. H. Massey Science and Roses.
1942 68 Lyman B. Coddington The Details of Hybridizing.
1942 71 Eileen W. Erlanson MacFarlaneAssets and the Future of Rose Heredity.
1942 75 S. L. Wiseman Continued Amateur Rose Breeding.
1942 78 Raymond C. Fisher Directed Hybrid Tea Cross-Breeding.
1942 87 William Godfrey
Rose Pratincola in a Hardy Rose Breeding Program.
1943 66 Percy H. Wright
Easy Methods in Rose Hybridization.
1943 88 T. J. Maney What Made Crimson Glory?
1944 76 Percy H. Wright Rosa Suffulta As A Parent.
1944 86 Martin R. Jacobus Rose Germination and Growing the Young Seedlings.
1944 89 Conrad O'Neal Self Seeding and Rose Breeding.
1944 143 Dr. Eileen W. Erlanson MacFarlaneThe Rose and Fundamental Research.
1945 71 Dr. W. E. Lammerts The Scientific Basis for Rose Breeding.
1945 85 Sgt. Griffith J. Buck The Chinese Rose as a Parent of Better Varieties.
1945 121 Roy E. Shepherd Germinating Rose Seeds.
1946 43 Richard Lawrence A Little on the Red.
1946 51 Isabella Preston
Progress in Breeding Hardy Roses.
1946 55 F. L. Skinner
Meeting the Hardy Rose Challenge.
1946 61 Prof. Maurice H. Merrill The China Rose is Hardy.
1947 35 Prof. Stephen F. Hamblin Climbing Roses that Should be Created.
1947 125 Forrest L. Hiett Germinating Rose Seeds.
1947 165 Dr. Neils E. Hansen Fifty-Five Years' Work with Thornless Roses.
1947 167 Richard S. Wilcox Rose Hybridizing in Minnesota
1947 169 Percy H. Wright
The Interactions of Various Rose Species.
1947 173 Dr. Walter E. Lammerts Classification and Breeding Polyantha Roses.
1948 151 Sam Asen Embryo-Culture of Rose Seeds.
1948 153 Raymond C. Fisher Cross-Breeding Roses.
1948 157 Herbert C. Swim A Bird's-Eye View of Ross Breeding.
1949 173 Mrs. K. Melvin Covington Hybridizing: Fascinating Year-Round Hobby.
1950 99 Edward P. Sima Operation "Complex".
1951 138 Dr. S. L. Elmsweller Problems of the Rose Breeder.
1953 88 Walter D. Brownell Forty Years of Rose Research.
1953 102 W. Robert Jenkins Rose Research Project.
1953 107 Dennison H. Morey, Jr. Chromosome Numbers in Rosa.
1953 111 Dr. H. D. Wulff
Max Graf and its Progeny, With Special Reference to Kordesii.
1953 129 Margaret R. Snyder Two Early American Rose Hybridizers.
1954 36 Ann P. Wylie Chromosomes of Garden Roses.
1954 73 Dr. H. D. Wulff
Notes on the Breeding Behavior of Rosa Roxburghii and Rosa Multibractea.
1954 78 Wilhelm Kordes
The Problem of Scent in Roses.
1954 89 Dennison Morey Observations on the Genetics of the Mutant Climbing Factor in Hybrid Tea Roses.
1954 98 Dr. Robert E. Lee Some Chromosome Counts for Roses.
1954 102 Roy Shepherd Media for Rose Seed Germination.
1955 116 Dr. H. D. Wulff
Are the Dog Roses Apomictic?
1955 64 The Rev. Matthew E. Clancy A New Breeding Departure.
1956 64 Dennison Morey The Use of Chemicals in Breaking Seed Dormancy in Hybrid Teas.
1956 70 G. W. Rowley
Germination in Rosa Canina.
1956 123 Dr. F. L. Skinner New Approach to the Breeding of Hardy Roses.
1956 126 Roy Shepherd The ABC's of Hybridizing.
1957 41 Dr. Fred J. Nisbet A Neglected Approach.
1957 57 Edward Baker Risley Breeding Winter Hardy Rambler Roses.
1957 90 Dr. Eileen W.E. MacFarlane American Rose Species and their Hybrids at the Botanical Gardens of the Univ. of Michigan.
1957 99 Ralph S. Moore I Breed Miniatures.
1957 139 Dennison Moray How Rose Classifications are Made.
1958 79 Roy Shepherd Rose Classification Revised.
1959 95 Stephen F. Hamblin Let's Breed for Black Spot Resistance.
1959 113 Dennison Morey Observations on the Genetics of Doubleness in Roses.
1959 118 Dr. H. D. Wulff
Cytology of Two Fertile Triploid Roses.
1960 15 Quinto Mansuino
Breeding Miniatures in San Remo.
1960 95 Dr. Griffith J. Buck Progress Report on Breeding Everblooming Roses.
1960 100 Gladys Fisher Hybridizing for the Amateur Gardener.
1960 104 Peter Semeniuk &
Robert N. Stewart
Effective Temperature on Germination of Seeds of Four Species of Roses.
1960 108 G. D. Rowley
Triploid Garden Roses.
1960 114 Percy H. Wright
The Inheritance of Color in Hardy Roses.
1960 119 Dr. Walter E. Lammerts Inheritance of Magenta Red in Roses.
1961 107 Dr. Eileen W.E. MacFarlane Report on Hybrids of American Wild Rose Species at the Botanical Gardens at Ann Arbor, Michigan
1961 117 Quinto Mansuino
A Search for New Genes.
1961 120 Dennison Morey Observations on the Inheritance of Yellow Pigment in Roses.
1962 90 Dr. Griffith J. Buck Rosa Laxa Source of Hardiness in Rose Breeding.
1962 103 Mary Ann Wohlers
Raul Peimbert
Dennison Morey
Factors Influencing Seed Production in Hybrid Teas
1963 160 Raymond C. Fisher
Dr. Dennison Morey
The Rose Gene Pool.
1963 188 Dr. Eileen W.E. MacFarlane A Self-Pollination Mechanism and other Items in Rose Species.
1963 194 Raul Peimbert
John Krewinkle
Dr. Dennison Morey
Factors Influencing Seed Set in Roses: Part II
1963 199 Mary Ann Wohlers
Dr. Dennison Morey
Factors Influencing Seed Set in Roses: Part III
1964 165 F. L. Skinner A Little Bit of Rose Breeding.
1964 167 Dr. W. E. Lammerts Inheritance of the Scarlet-Vermilion Signal Red Colors.
1964 173 Percy H. Wright
Chromosome Number in Roses.
1965 132 Percy H. Wright
Unique Genes in Hardy Wild Roses.
1965 139 Rev. Walter Stanley Smith Experiments in Producing New Moss Roses.
1966 51 Bruce A. Wilson Hybridizing New Old Roses.
1966 55 Percy H. Wright
Creating New Hardy Roses.
1966 57 H. H. Marshall Possible Apomixis in Roses.
1966 150 Dr. Eileen W.E. MacFarlane The Old Problem of Species in Rosa with Special Reference to North America.
1967 58 Vera Lebedeff To Hasten the Ripening of Rose Hips.
1967 109 William & Sophia B. Zombory The Joys and Sorrows of Hybridizing.
1967 114 Peter Semeniuk
Toni Arisumi
U.S. Dept. of Agriculture,
Beltsville, Md.
A Method of Introducing Polyploidy in Roses.
1965 37 Armstrong Nurseries A Rose is Born.
1968 50 Ralph S. Moore A Study of Moss and Miniature Roses.
1968 140 Leon Kresl Amateur Hybridizing.
1969 46 Eldon Curtis Beginner's Luck at Amateur Hybridizing.
1969 71 Walter E. Lammerts Past Accomplishments and future Tasks of Rose Breeders.
London, England
Rose Breeding.. .The Views of Breeders and Users - July 1968.
1969 120 Percy H. Wright
Triploids in Breeding Roses, Avoid or Seek?
1969 128 Dr. Edgar Anderson The Increasing Importance of Rosa Foetida to American Rose Breeding.
1970 32 Mrs. Barbara Kram Hybridizing is for Amateurs.
1971 60 Percy H. Wright
The Yellow Rose of Texas.
1972 914 Joseph Winchel Create Your Own New Cultivar.
1972 127 Jerry Fellman & Patricia Hicks Ancestors: Parts I & II
1973 22 Joe Woodard ARF Research Progrss Report
1973 78 Karl P. Jones Roses as Shrubs
1973 130 Dr. Charles G. Jeremias Deterioration of Cultivars
1973 135 K.C. Lee - Malaysia Propagating Roses by Marcotting
1974 4 Joe Woodard ARF Research Progress Report
1974 11 Richard J. Hutton Patented Roses and You
1974 39 Florence L Middlebrooks Anyone Can Hybridize
1974 42 Bernardine W. Dodek Raising Roses from Seed
1974 47 Leonie Bell The Autumn Damask Roses
1974 89 George J. Johnston The Old Garden Rose & Rose Shows
1974 117 Percy H. Wright The Ross Rambler Rose
1974 129 Pamela Morrah
New Zealand
Of a Transplanted Irishman
1975 62 Lincoln Atkiss Modern Rose Parentage
1975 114   New Roses and Hybridizing Around the World
1975 125   Wrapping It All Up…
1976 16 Dr. Felicitas Svejda Breeding Winter Hardy and Everblooming Roses
1976 25 Hazel Joliffe Some Rose Highlights in the U.S.A.
1977 36 Dr. Griffith Buck Rose Understocks Part III
1977 70 Robert Schery The Curious Double Life of Rosa Multiflora
1977 96 Sean McCann Playing at Creation
1977 106 Deborah J. Antley Germinating Hybrid Rose Seeds
1977 123 Jack Harkness Breeding With Hulthemia Persica
1977 131 Henry M. Cathey Research Progress and Plans
1978 83 Dr. Felicitas Svejda "Breeding For Improvement of Flowering Attributes of Winterhardy ROSA KORDESII Wulff Hybrids
1978 99   Disease Resistant Rose Varieties
1978 108 Peter Semeniuk Potential Cell and Tissue Culture
1979 17 Fred Edmunds, Jr. A wider Range of Creativity
1979 21 William A. Warriner The Year of the Rose - Before and Beyond
1979 28 Jack E. Christensen California - Birthplace of Winners
1979 37 Jack Harkness Dreams Come True - Almost!
1979 56 Larry J. Kuhns &
Thomas A. Fretz
The Potential Use of Leaf Enzymes for Rose Identification
1979 91 Dr. Charles G. Jeremias Rooting Rose Cuttings
1979 114 Joe Winchel Handling Rose Seedlings
1979 124 Dr. Griffith J. Buck Roses, Ltd
1980 20 Patrick Dickson Red Hybrid Teas
1980 36 George E. Rose A Rose Man Tours China
1980 81 Dr. Bob Harvey Rose Hybridizing For Fun
1980 86 Niels Poulsen McGredy & Son - 100 Years
1980 92 Albert J. Rissman The Fabulous Floribundas
1980 122 Dr. Walter E. Lammerts Hybridizing Roses With Immunity
1980 133 New Wine In Old Bottles? Paul E. Jerabek
1980 139 Pigments and Petal Colors Lidwien A.M. Dubois
1980 145 Inheritance of Pigments Lidwien A.M. Dubois
1981 7 Dr. Eldon W. Lyle Rose Research
1981 21 H.E. Owen The Rose
1981 27 Dr. R.C. Allen Dr. Huey - The Man; The Rose; The Understock
1981 45 Sean McCann A Dream of Roses
1981 49 Harmon Saville Hybridizing of Miniature Roses @ Nor'East Miniature Roses, Inc.
1982 36 Subodh Kumar Datta &
M.N. Gupta
Gamma Ray Induced Yellow Flower Mutant In Rose CV. Contempo
1982 67 Astor Perry Experiences In Hybridizing Roses
1982 81 Chang Chih Shang Try Patch Budding To Create Multi-Variety Roses
1982 94 Rex Bastian &
Dr. Griffith J. Buck
An Alternative Method For The Field Propagation of Roses
1982 106 H. Scott &
Mary Hansen
Old Garden Roses And Their Place In The Development Of Modern Roses
1982 124 M.N. Hardikar Do You Wish To Be A Brahma?
1983 21 Ralph S. Moore The Case For Own-Root Roses
1983 25 Edward P. Sima Budding For Fun, Show Blooms and Evaluating Seedlings
1983 41 H.H. Marshal &
C.M. Collicutt
Breeding For Red Colors in Roses
1983 45 P. A. Haring The American Rose Center Trial Grounds
1983 50 Vincent G. Gioia Patents, Trademarks and Roses
1983 55 Daniel S. Morrell The Roots of Fortuniana
1983 73 Sean McCann The In-Between Roses
1983 77 Jack Harkness Pedro Dot
1983 95 R.C. Allen Rose Research: U.S. Dept. of Agriculture
1983 99 Dr. John James New Roses By Irradiation
1983 102 Subodh Kumar Datta &
M.N. Gupta
Thin Layer Chromatographic and Spectrophometric Analysis of Flower Color Mutations In Roses
1983 143 Barry Schlueter Cloning Around
1984 29 Dale E. Martin The Impossible Dream
1984 33 Paul E. Jerabek Breeding For Unusual Colors
1984 37 K.J. Nobbs Breeding Thornless Roses
1984 70 Dr. Felicitas Svejda Canadian Explorer Roses
1984 91 Robert M. Skirvian &
Mel C. Chu
Tissue Culture of the Rose
1985 10 Ralph S. Moore Striped Roses Are Here!
1985 82 Robert E. Basye A Thornless Rose Descended From Rosa Carolina
1985 119 Subodh Kumar Datta &
M.N. Gupta
Mutation Breeding In Garden Roses
1986 14 Dr. Griffith J. Buck To Name A Rose
1986 27 by J. Benjamin Williams Why All The Fuss About Big Miniature Roses?
1986 40 Dr. Robert E. Basye A Tale of Three White Roses
1986 77 Pete Haring Trial Ground Opportunities
1987 19 Dr. Robert E. Basye A Probable Amphidiploid of Rosa Abyssinica and Rosa Rugosa
1987 33 Richard French Budding Roses In The Winter? It's Actually Possible!
1987 124 Dr. Charles Jeremias Native Specie Roses of the U.S.A.
1988 79 Tommy Cairns &
Luis Desamero
Hybridizer's Soap Box
1988 120 Dr. Robert E. Basye A Thornless Form of Fortuniana
1989 115 Dr. Robert E. Basye Myrrh-Scented Roses
1989 120 Dr. Subodh Kumar Datta Gamma Ray Induced Somatic Flower Color Mutation in Mrinalini
1989 163 Eldon W. Lyle Robert V. Lindquist
1989 166 Sue O'Brien Dee Bennett: A Genius In A Man's World
1990 29 R.J. Hutton Star Roses
1990 55 Beverly R. Dobson Roses of the Twentieth Century
1990 57 Dorothy Wheatcroft Louisette Meilland
1990 61 H. Scott Hansen Species Roses
1990 78 Ralph S. Moore Stripes and Other Roses
1990 83 Robert E. Basye An Amphidiploid of Rosa Banksiae and Rose Laevigata Induced by Colchicine
1991 28 William J. Radler Designing The Rose of the Future
1991 35 Robert C. Basye Reine Marie Henriette
1991 65 Trenholm N. Meyer George C. Thomas, Jr.
1991 72 Astor Perry Getting Your Seedling To Market
1992 19 Walter LeMire From Automaker to Maiden Maker
1992 20 Walter LeMire A Brief History of Rose Propagation
1992 21 Walter LeMire Creating Maiden Roses
1992 24 Tom Carruth The Fickle Finger of Fragrance
1992 50 Von C. Weddle From Back-Yard Rose Grower to Creator of Celebrity Namesakes
1992 62 Dr. Robert Basye The Future of the ROSE
1993 36 Marlin Bausman The Winter Hardiness of Prairie Roses and English Roses
1993 44 Dr. Tommy Cairns Rose Evolution
1993 58 Ralph S. Moore On the Edge of Tomorrow
1993 82 John Saville 21st Century Miniatures
1994 16 Suzy Verrier Rugosas - An Ongoing Affair
1994 19 Suzy Verrier Contemporary Rugosa Hybridizers
1994 24 Kathy DeRoo The Wonderful Roses of Joe Winchel
1994 32 Sean McCann Jerry Twomey - A Man With a Mission
1994 36 Peter Harkness The Rose Scene from Britain
1994 40 Chris Warner A Passion for Climbers
1994 54 John P. Mattia Frank Benardella Earning His Stripes as a Hybridizer
1994 62 Dr. Andrew Plasz Spinosissimas, You Say?
1994 66 Marlea Graham The Hundred Years War: Own-Root vs. Budded Roses
1994 72 William Grant &
Erich Unmuth
Rudolf Geschwind - A forgotten Pioneer
1994 79 Dr. Yan Ma The Rejuvenation Rose Group - New Roses from China
1994 88 Dr. John A. Shaw Before Floribunda There Were Polyanthas
1994 103 Ernest Morrison J.Horace McFarland - The Renaissance Man of Roses
1994 109 Trenholm N. Meyer Dr. J.Horace McFarland - A Synopsis
1995   (missing)  
1996 12 Eddie Krauss The Hybrid Musk Saga
1996 22 William J. Radler Griffith Buck - His thoughts…His Roses
1996 82 Dr. Sriyani Rajapakse &
Dr. Robert Ballard
Rose Breeding and Biotechnology
1996 102 Eldon W. Lyle A Review of Rose Understocks
1997   (missing)  
1998 65 Robert B. Martin, Jr. Amateur Hybridizers of the 1990's
1998 72 Robbie Tucker In Harm's Way
1998 81 Ernest Morrison An Old-English Rose
1998 112 David H. Byrne Robert E. Basye Endowed Chair in Rose Genetics
1999 24 Dick Streeper On Their Own…And Growing Well
1999 100 Robert B. Martin, Jr. The Name of the Rose
2000 18 Helene Pizzi New Trends For The New Millenium
2000 24 Robert B. Martin, Jr. The Modern Polyantha
2000 66 Ulrika Carlson-Milsson &
Gun Werlemark
Swedish Rose Breeding Project
2000 74 Ed Pagliai Public Gardens Preserve the Legacy
2000 103 Ernest Morrison Robert Pyle - A Devoted Rose Emissary
2000 108 Malcolm M. Manners Roses & DNA


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Ancestral China Roses.
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    1. Old Chinese Roses (first of 12 articles)
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1965 April 12 Stephen F. Hamblin     4. Polyantha, Floribunda,Grandiflora.
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Peter Semeniuk
Report on Rose Research (Beltsville, Md.)
1965 August 114 Stephen F. Hamblin     8. Wild Species
1965 September 10 Stephen F. Hamblin     9. Rosa multiflora.
1965 September 15 Vera Lebedeff Exhibiting Seedlings.
1965 October 15 Stephen F. Hamblin     10. Rosa wichuraiana.
1965 November 10 Stephen F. Hamblin     11. Rosa moschata-The Musk Rose.
1965 December 114 Stephen F. Hamblin     12. Tropical Climbers.
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New Genes for Hybrid Teas.
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1970 September 10 Dr. Cynthia Westcott, Ch. Report of Research Committee ARF,1970.
1971 January 7 Percy H. Wright
Rosa foliolosa (The Fern Leaf Rose).
1971 July 6 Joseph Winchel THE HYBRIDIZER'S WORKSHOP (A Series) (This was the first of a comprehensive series of 12 articles on "The Hybridizer's Workshop" - no sub-titles - explaining and illustrating in detail all the steps the author used in the cross-breeding and cultivation of roses. They appeared in the AMERICAN ROSE each month from July 1971 to November 1972, with the exception of the December 1971 and February 1972 issues.)
1972 March 8 Eldon C. Curtis A New Rose.

Articles on rose breeding from the Royal National Rose Society Annuals - 1978-1979
compiled by Mary Peterson

1978 13 Tess Allen Moyesii Superba
1978 33 Graham Stuart Thomas The Fragrance of Roses
1978 37 Lesley C. Evans Roses of Ancient Rome
1978 62 E.F. Allen A Tribute to the Late Pedro Dot
1978 88 Jack Harkness The Missing Hybrid Teas
1978 98 Sam McGredy A Hand-Painted Family Tree
1978 113 Tom Edridge A Debt to Ophelia
1978 117 John Keal A Personal View on Black Spot
1978 121 Dr. T. Balakrishnan Unorthodox Budding
1978 131 Leonard Hollis Symposium on the Twelve Best Floribunda Roses Introduced in 1968 or Later
1978 161 W. D. Bobbee Germinating Hybrid Rose Seeds
1978 163 Arnold T. Peters Mendel's Elements Which Determine
1978 170 Sean McCann Hybridizing for the Exhibitor
1979 58 Graham Stuart Thomas Kiftsgate and its Seedlings
1979 61 Leonard Hollis Symposium on the Twelve Best Hybrid Teas Rose Introduced in 1969 or Later
1979 101 Jack Harkness C.C. Hurst
1979 102 Rona Hurst A unique Rose Garden of the Twenties
1979 126 Dr. Bohumil Jasa Roses in Czechoslovakia
1979 136 E.F. Allen Rose Breeding at the Octoploid Level - a Future Possibility?
1979 140 A.V. Roberts Science & Roses
1979 167 E.F. Allen A New Hulthemosa Found Wild in Iran