opinions on retaining a seedling

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opinions on retaining a seedling

Post: # 72594Post shoy
Wed Jan 06, 2021 3:08 pm

Here in Georgia W. Radler's Brite Eyes has been an outstanding rose. Lots of research indicates resistance to a particular strain of black spot. The same research shows that it doesn't always pass along that resistance to offspring.

I have an OP seedling out of Brite Eyes that is all yellow with about 15 petals. It starts out great guns and then gets infected with black spot (here in zone 8b, central GA), recovers, and puts on another show. The yellow fades but no more than lots of other yellows here. Is there some genetic reason to believe that crosses might one day pass along the resistance found in Brite Eyes?

Stephen Hoy
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Re: opinions on retaining a seedling

Post: # 72595Post roseseek
Wed Jan 06, 2021 3:26 pm

I doubt it. If this seedling doesn't express that trait, what makes you think is possesses it to pass on? Do any selfs of it remain cleaner?
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david zlesak
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Re: opinions on retaining a seedling

Post: # 72598Post david zlesak
Wed Jan 06, 2021 8:45 pm

I doubt it too.... The resistance is dominant. Brite Eyes has only one copy of that dominant allele across its 4 sets of chromosomes and just a portion of its seedlings inherit it. There is a race of black spot that can overcome Brite Eyes, but most all the races in our collection don't. If your BE in the same garden looks healthy yet suggesting the resistance is holding and this seedling breaks down, the seedling likely didn't inherit the allele unfortunately. It is a very pretty seedling and may be interesting to backcross with Brite Eyes or use with other parents that have different black spot resistance genes. It sounds like it has pretty good horizontal resistance that allows it to not get too much black spot in order to have strength to rebuild and flower again during the season. The yellow flower color is beautiful!

Larry Davis
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Re: opinions on retaining a seedling

Post: # 72691Post Larry Davis
Thu Jan 28, 2021 10:55 pm

A comment about Brite Eyes. When I first got it I was rather skeptical of its value, but over a number of years it has gotten bigger and bigger and more winter tolerant (or winters got milder) so I began using it as a default female parent and dumped all kinds of pollen onto it. Many kinds work well and a couple weeks ago I had a burst of 50 % germination in several crosses. No doubt there will be lots of selfs, but it produces offspring from Above and Beyond, Soeur Therese, my hybrid # 1100, and more, in abundance. Some of these are worth keeping I found out last year. Will let you know if anything useful pops up this year. Definitely allows for doubleness and yellow without a lot of pink overwhelming it as happens on BrI itself. Also flowers last longer than BrI in crosses to those that have the right habit.

Very likely Carefree Sunshine could give some nice offspring. By using the hybrid sport of that you might even find a yellow, moderately hardy climber

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