Rugosa×Hulthemia hybrids?

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Re: Rugosa×Hulthemia hybrids?

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Fri Apr 15, 2022 7:12 am

Thank you @Plazbo!
I will keep some of them, you never know. BDdC is right next to Huddersfield Choral Society and they flowered at the same time, if they mixed that might be fun. I will admit I would not be excited about a selfling of BDdC though.
One other I am not deadheading is Wild Edric. Yes I know, he's supposed to be infertile and not set hips but I am going to leave a few of his spent flowers on just to see if maaayybeeeee... It has been insanely windy here, perhaps it might have shaken up the pollen in the flowers as they were opening enough for a miracle to happen.

@pacificjade, I get it, I do the same online. Thank you so much for the suggestion of a possible route to go with the Rugosa-Persica crossings! I am just getting started on this journey and really appreciate the pointers I am getting on this forum!

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