seeds in a milk jug

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seeds in a milk jug

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Fri Jan 28, 2022 1:22 pm

I put the seeds from a cross in soil in a milk jug and put it outside back in october/november. I looked at it on saturday jan22nd and it looks like there might be a seed that is pushing it's cotyledons through the soil. The only problem is that I am in zone 5b/6a (St.Louis, MO area) and they are calling for temps to stay low. Next week they are calling the lows to be around 0 degrees F. If it really is a seedling trying to germinate is it going to be ok? I am using the milk jug method for cold stratification and the opening has proven to small for birds and squirels. This is my first attempt doing it this way though so I would like people's opinions/advice/experience please.

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Re: seeds in a milk jug

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Fri Jan 28, 2022 4:00 pm

I've never tried it, but would be surprised if it would retain enough heat overnight in really cold temperatures for the seedlings once they have germinated. (Again, just speculating, but I don't trust my unheated greenhouse for seedlings until I know it is warm enough in spring, for overnight).
Is it possible to pot up the seedling that is germinating and provide it with light indoors until conditions outside are optimal? Or even move it in at night and out for warmer days? Having lived in Missouri I'm guessing that indoor/outdoor would be good for March and April into early May. If you switch to inside and outside it will need carefully hardened off.

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