experience with Wasagaming Seedlings?

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experience with Wasagaming Seedlings?

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Sat Jan 22, 2022 4:07 pm

I've read the threads on Wasagaming. Now I am wondering if anyone has further information and experience with seedlings they acquired?

Did any of your seedlings prove to be useable for further breeding? Any problems with sterility?
I am especially wondering if there have been sterility issues when crossing with Modern Shrubs.

I have a couple germinations up from Wasagaming x seedling = (Therese Bugnet seedling x Mary Rose)
There are other seeds (provided I get germination) that are from other seedlings bred with Modern Shrubs:
one I am especially interested in is a cross with a shrub (Mary Rose x William Baffin).

My concern now is that I may face issues with sterility, since Wasagaming is closer to rugosa in its breeding than Therese Bugnet.
Thanks for any thoughts!

The following information is for anyone interested in Wasagaming for breeding:

Last season (2021) it was more accepting of pollen than I expected (I dont' know if this was climate related, or due to getting established in the ground):
rejected only two pollens I tested: Aloha Hawaii and a seedling from Lilian Austin
accepted six different crosses, although each resulted in either one or two hips (out of a cluster of blooms):
1. Cape Diamond & Gertrude Jeckyl
2. seedling (Therese Bugnet seedling x Mary Rose) - germinations just started from this cross
3. seedling (Mary Rose x William Baffin)
4. Morden Blush
5. Gypsy Boy
6. seedling (Martin Frobisher x Therese Bugnet)
7. ??? hip was unlabeled: I don't know if it was from the label of hips nearby or O.P.

previous season (2020) first season working with it. It was growing in a large pot. {It had hips on it the previous season in a pot when I purchased it.} Rejected all early season pollinations. I saw a few blooms on it later in the season which I dabbed pollen on and it set hips; thankfully the hips ripen quickly.
Accepted Pollen: Agnes & seedling (Martin Frobisher x Therese Bugnet)

Rejected pollens: Lilian Austin, Ramblin Red, Morden Sunrise, The Squire, Bolero, Julia Child, several seedlings, Autumn Damask, Unknown old rose, Banshee


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