Growing a Ruguso in a pot?

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Growing a Ruguso in a pot?

Post: # 73148Post julie777
Wed Jul 14, 2021 5:57 pm

I have a Rugosa grown from seed, in its second summer, grown from seed planted in October 2019, about two feet tall. So far no flowers. Today I re-potted it in a larger pot, about 18 inches diameter and 24 inches deep, with some fresh compost and a little slow release fertiliser. Its roots totally filled the previous pot, which was about 13 inches diameter and 14 inches deep, along with a lavender which I didn't try to separate it from, as the rootball was so enmeshed and I didn't want to damage it, and the lavender seems to be supporting it. I cut the lavender back a bit, just the brown bits and took a few cuttings, tidied it up.

I didn't want to disturb the Rugosa's roots because the last time I transplanted a Rugosa seedling it didn't survive. They might be tough things once established, but the seedlings seem quite fragile.

It seems quite healthy, but I am curious what its flowers will be like. How long should it take to flower? Will feeding it rose food, ie more phosphorus and potassium than nitrogen, encourage flowering? I am hoping that the slow release fertiliser isn't too strong and that it really does release slowly.

Is it ok to leave it in a pot with a lavender? It could be that the lavender's roots are taking up a lot of the space, in which case it might be better to try to yank out the lavender without disturbing the Rugosa's roots, or just cut the lavender right back to the woody parts so it will die back, leaving its roots to eventually compost?

Maybe eventually I will have to find an even larger pot for it or try to separate it from the lavender to give its roots enough space. But for now it should be happy, at least it has a bit more room than before.
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Re: Growing a Ruguso in a pot?

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Wed Jul 14, 2021 6:50 pm

My rugosa seedlings seem to bloom mostly in their third year, although there have been a few in their second and a couple in their first. I have one that is now in its fourth season and hasn't bloomed yet (most of these are from two seed parents).

I would think about cutting the lavender off, just to give the Rugosa the best chance possible, but that may have nothing to do with when it blooms.

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