pollen of seedling

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pollen of seedling

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Mon Jul 12, 2021 9:30 pm

This is the Mary Rose seedling I referred to in the rugosa infertility question.
I thought when I looked last season it was a triploid. When I look at it now there is some difference in size and a bit in shape, but not
as distinctive as what I thought.

Anyone who has done this have a thought?
Hansa was the only diploid pollen I had put on Mary Rose that season other than Martin Frobisher, but it doesn't
look like any seedlings I have had from Martin Frobisher

I thought everything else was tetraploid when I looked them up before:
William Baffin
Party Hardy
Lady of Shallot

Am I correct that triploid would be a result of Tetra x diploid?
Or are there abnormalities that could produce a triploid from to tetra?

So far the seedling looks like it is holding onto its hips. Also, after blooming off all the old branches (it was tip hardy in our mild last winter)
but it is now setting buds on a new branch it grew this season.

The color is a little darker than in the picture

Thanks for any thoughts!
pollwn 18MR01 2.jpg
pollen 18MR01 1.jpg

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