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thoughts on Wasagaming seeds?

Posted: Fri Feb 05, 2021 9:58 am
by mntlover
None of the early crosses I tried on Wasagaming succeeded. There were a few flowers later as a second round that I pollinated and labeled ( I thought) with pollen from Agnes and a seedling from Martine Frobisher. I figured they may have a better chance of being received. I was glad to see hips forming .and remaining on the bush. In the end I harvested three hips that started to color a bit, brought them in and out in the windowsill in a vase.

When I processed the hips I did a float test, trying to gather as much information as possible the first year testing. The first two hips all of the seeds floated (like a bobber). I was hopeful that this was due to being a rugosa hybrid. That is until I processed the third hips and had half of the seeds sink. So, were the first two hips all bad?

I compared the seeds and noticed that the appearance of the seeds were completely different. The first two hips (all of which floated) reminded me of seeds from Therese Bugnet in size and form (perhaps also of Martin Frobisher). The seeds from the third hip (some of which sunk) were larger and looked different. (not sure how to explain different, other than color or size or overall effect).

I am aboslutelu positive all three hips were from Wasagaming: branches, leaves, hips, all looked the same; just not the seeds.

Could the third hip be a different pollen? It is possible I out a different pollen on a bloom that opened a bit later, some pollen I was using on a different bush, but didn't label.
Would a different pollen make such a drastic difference in seeds in the same seed parent?

I have the first germination in the batch of seeds which floated ( I kept the seeds seperate to observe). So at least one was viable. And from the looks I should have more germinations soon. I realize I can continue with a useful seedling, regardless of its parentage, but I was curious about the discrepancy I found.
Has anyone else noticed this, especially in hybrid rugosas and moderns?

I am attaching pictures. The comparison in size (with them side by side) may not be one hundred percent accurate due to camera angle, but I would say the batch on the right is not quite double the size of those on the left (maybe 70 percent larger).

Thanks for any thoughts!


Re: thoughts on Wasagaming seeds?

Posted: Mon Feb 22, 2021 8:29 pm
by mntlover
Update: a lot of germinations from the batch of floating seeds.
I am really glad to see such good germination from Wasagaming.
Also, all of the seeds that sunk have germinated also.

Too early to compare yet. But I will do as they grow. I realize the most likely explanation is that I mixed up or mislabeled seeds. However, I know how much care I took with these particular hips. It will be interesting to see what the seedlings are like.