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Unexpected precocious germination

Posted: Tue Nov 17, 2020 11:53 am
by david zlesak
This past weekend I went through accumulated baggies of rose seed in moist peat at room temp. to take inventory and then get them into the refrigerator for their cold treatment. Most have been sitting for between a month and two months now for a warm stratification treatment before cold. There typically are some precocious germinating seedlings to pull out and pot up. There is one parent that routinely has precocious seedlings and it did as expected. One really surprised me though. The seeds came from an open pollinated Above and Beyond seed that looks like one of the R. eglanteria hybrids near it was the male. There were 3 R. eg hybrids near it that have R. eg. as a direct female parent and various males and all strongly resemble R. eg. This seedling has flowered the past few years as it grew in size and it has the stray fall bloom of R. laxa, which is in A&B and A&B shares this trait. Usually R. eglanteria hybrids and A&B seed really need a long warm stratification and then cold to germinate well. This A&B x R. eg seedling hybrid had no op hips until this year and it's pollen didn't work on other things, so I suspected it was going to be a dead end. The hips it produced this year just had a seed or two in each for the most part. It was really fun to see several seedlings germinating precociously!! Hopefully they will be a good bridge to more fertile roses that bring along the nice qualities in the background. The R. eg influence comes through a lot in the size of the foliage and flower bud shape of the A&B x R. eg cross hybrid.

What are some of the precocious germinators others are finding and are excited about? There are two baggies of op seed from this female parent and the precocious germination is interestingly only happening in one baggie.

Re: Unexpected precocious germination

Posted: Tue Nov 17, 2020 8:17 pm
by rikuhelin1
Congratulations on catching an interesting event in photo where assume nearly everything was visually the same between two bags.

Never had precocious, mine always convincing me they have a persnickety/pernickety attitude to my attempts at creating what they want to germinate.

Inspirational example and good luck with seedlings.