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Hip ripening and germination rate

Posted: Wed Nov 04, 2020 12:22 pm
by mntlover
I have tried several different ways to gain extra time for hips to ripen.
What I would like to know is whether anyone has noted a significant change in germination percentage based upon how the hip ripens? Specifically does removing it from the plant to ripen for a few weeks in some other way significantly reduce germination rates? Has anyone done this with a seed parent they knew well enough to see if their is a difference?
The reason I am asking is because half of our chairs at the dining room table have been repurposed to hold pots of roses between the table and the window for the past few weeks. The hips are getting closer to being ready so I have been thinking about taking cuttings (for in water or dirt) so that I can move the pots out to go dormant. I do not want to do that if I will get less germinations in a few months.
So, is enduring a few more weeks of disruption (for my poor wife) worth it because I gain more babies? Or is the difference less significant, so get out the shears?
One issue is that these were late blooms: most of which I threw pollen on as I went in and out of the garden but did not record it, so date pollinated is unknown. Some are OP.
Hips are beginning to change color, some a slight orange, others more of a yellow to the green.
Any thoughts or experience? Much appreciated!