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Sometimes chlorophyll is not desired.

Posted: Tue Aug 04, 2020 7:33 am
by pacificjade
This seedling is from Yellow Brick Road/Undisclosed//Tequila Sunrise. The chlorophyll in the petals is from the pollen parent.

The only time I have seen chlorophyll in the petals as an asset is in St. Patrick and Marilyn Monroe. In fact, this has made MM one of the few HTs that can do well in both the PNW and the Desert SW.

But in many cases the synergy between the concept of the specific rose and the chlorophyll do not work out very well. In this seedling, it still cannot even open in 80F degree weather. In spring PNW weather, this is nothing but a bud stuck in permanent stasis. In the summer, it's a strange oddity. My little green sea pearl. Scentless, void of mass appeal, but interesting.

I could cross it with something to see if its chlorophyll factor could create something viable, but its nothing close to an HT where this trait has success. In many-flowered roses, it turns into a mess. That's a lot of unsightly deadheading.

Anyway, food for thought. I am aware some may disagree, and that's okay.