Woody Plant Seed Manual (USDA)

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Woody Plant Seed Manual (USDA)

Post: # 70967Post sarahconeill
Thu Jan 23, 2020 1:40 pm

I didn't see this already posted to the forum. Includes some general planting protocol for species. Rosa is on page 974.


matt lustig
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Re: Woody Plant Seed Manual (USDA)

Post: # 71025Post matt lustig
Thu Jan 30, 2020 7:02 pm

Sarah, thanks for encouraging the use of this great resource. Very worthwhile for individuals who raise woody plants, whether that be Rosa or some other genera.

The USDA has evidently been putting out updated versions of this resource for more than a half century....I know because some years back my wife found me a second-hand (or maybe third, fourth, whatever) copy that had been issued by the USDA in 1948. According to the text, the USDA at the time was distributing it for $4/copy :). Also according to the text, although issued in 1948, "The manuscript of this manual was completed for publication at the beginning of World War II." One can certainly imagine that at the beginning of the war, more practical considerations no doubt took precedence over printing and distributing a seed manual, thus presumably the delay. Anyhow, the online version available now is truly an accumulation of a great deal of practical wisdom from the USDA.

Thanks again for posting this. It's a wonderful resource.

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