Perfumes Evaluated

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Perfumes Evaluated

Post: # 56875Post Warren
Sun Jul 06, 2014 12:35 am

When I was In Europe this year, my associates organized a perfumist to come up from Paris to evaluate the perfumes of some of my roses. It is amazing what a qualified nose can smell.

Lilac Charm: Notes of geranium, lemon and peach combine to create a slightly sweet and soapy scent reminiscent of old roses.

Yellow Changeling: Spicy clove / carnation

Sweet and Lovely: Powerful scent of white jasmine flower

Ruffled Burgundy: Old Rose fragrance, citrus and fruity (peach), rather sweet

Pink Lipstick: A real racey fragrance and character, with notes of green tea and violet, all seasoned with a spicy touch.

Jaune Citron: Spicy and powdered cinnamon and cloves.

Plum Jam: Powerful scent both spicy carnation and floral, with a fruity touch. The spicy background, almost woody and resinous

Jukebox Tune: Aldehydic notes reminiscent of the greenest wrinkled leaves, accompanying the slight scent of traditional rose slightly fruity and spicy clove.

Hélène de Troie: An amazing and unique fragrance, combining terpene fresh pine resin with more floral notes of lilac. Everything is decorated with peach and spice.

Igraine: The powerful fragrance recalls the generosity of old roses, with powdery accents. The opulence of fruity, barely sweet, is made vivid by the freshness of citrus bouquet.

Rosie Lowing: Old rose fragrance with fruity notes of pear, juicy and sweet .

Vanilla Twilight: Anise, tarragon, myrrh.

White Tuxedo: Lemon verbena, rose, anise, tarragon, myrrh.

Fine Dressin: Anise / tarragon / myrrh.

Hilda Sophia Lehmann: anise / tarragon / myrrh .

Hypnotic: A truly unique fragrance that combines the freshness of citrus, with notes of white flowers (jasmine and lily of the valley)and indulgence of ripe pear, just decorated with green freshness of star anise.

Bamako: Light scent reminiscent of tea and dried citrus peel.

Natural Blonde: Baked apple and tarragon / myrrh (deepen).

Love Crazy: Old Rose fragrance, opulent, fleshy, fruity notes of pear .

Theodosia Underwood
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Re: Perfumes Evaluated

Post: # 56876Post Theodosia Underwood
Sun Jul 06, 2014 7:27 am

How wonderfully amazing, Warren! I find scents very difficult to describe, but this list makes me want to bury my nose in each one of them.

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Re: Perfumes Evaluated

Post: # 56877Post Bernhard
Sun Jul 06, 2014 7:51 am

Hi Warren,
that's fantastic !!! Without professional help one would never get scent-desciptions like yours. Unfortunately our nose/brain has to be trained for a long time to remember the kind of scents we observe.
Sometimes a scheme like this or the description of the roseraie du val de marnecan can help to identify the basic scent.
Anyway, you got invaluable descriptions. As scendet roses become more and more trendy (my opinion) people like to know, how the parfume of the rose will be. As you know, the tastes differ............

fragrant regards

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Re: Perfumes Evaluated

Post: # 56878Post Warren
Sun Jul 06, 2014 2:47 pm

Theodosia , the rose Hypnotic has a perfume which is very exotic, it is not unusual to see me working with a bloom under my nose.

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Re: Perfumes Evaluated

Post: # 56879Post Warren
Sun Jul 06, 2014 2:52 pm

Thanks Bernhard, the scent in roses is very important in Europe.

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Re: Perfumes Evaluated

Post: # 56880Post jriekstins
Sun Jul 06, 2014 4:06 pm

Warren, I believe that scent is really quite important with most people who grow roses. For some reason (some genetic-some dietary, and possibly some as a result of training ones' nose to identify and perceive) not all of us have the same ability to perceive scents on an equal basis. I have an off and on scent perception, and some days it is really "on". The difference in the ability to smell and perceive the minor 'notes' is something I probably would not believe if it wasn't for the fact that it is something that on occasion I can actually discern myself. I have a hunch it is the same for wine tasters. It frustrates me when I know a rose has more scent than I can smell, and it is absolutely delightful beyond description when on occasion I can.
]Jackie, SoCal., zone 9b,coastal foothills

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