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Help Wanted - Internet Detectives

Post: # 54459Post Don
Mon Oct 28, 2013 10:05 am

The remainder of our website has been restored after inspection to remove some hacker graffiti. While scrubbing the paint off the siding we noticed that pretty much all of the links on our links page are dead or dying.

Dead links are inevitable as time goes bye. More importantly, they are worth less in gOOgle's eyes than no links at all. Still, rather than remove the links page and lose the benefits, it would be better to sleuth out the missing content and give it a new home.

Viele Hände machen der Arbeit. Please help us locate the articles to restore the missing links and post the details to this thread so we see about hosting a copy.
What doesn't kill them makes them stronger.

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Re: Help Wanted - Internet Detectives

Post: # 54460Post Bernhard
Mon Oct 28, 2013 12:20 pm

Hi Don,
not bad, but the german saying is correct: " Viele Hände, schnelles Ende"
I take the easiest part. Paul Bardens Page moved to: Maybe I'll find some more............

CybeRose moved to


Peter Harris
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Re: Help Wanted - Internet Detectives

Post: # 54462Post Peter Harris
Mon Oct 28, 2013 4:55 pm

A partial list--

I sent this material to our webmaster and was asked to post it to the thread. It may look fairly rough, but in each case I've provided the old URL without making a link of it, and then have given a link by which the site or former site may be accessed at present. Those things that are on the Wayback Machine should be given a permanent site if they're considered worth maintaining.


* CybeRose - Karl King
<> - Articles on genetics

* Henry Kuska <> - Pollination, harvesting, germination, etc. Henry's home page ... sindex.htm

* Malcom Manners
<> - Propagation, mosaic virus

I don't believe that Malcolm is keeping a home page. He has a flickr
photostream, and a LAST-FM account, but I did not find a separate page of
articles and stuff.

* Old Garden Roses and Beyond - Paul Barden

no longer an active rose hybridizer, but ... here's the gateway to his site--

* Overbrooke Gardens - Bob Byrnes

Rob is not maintaining a page

* Photo Gallery - Tom Silvers

* Pistil Whippers Wish List - John Starnes

John Starnes's blog is here:

* Roses by Design - Jim Sproul <>

* Roger's Rosepage - Roger Jaksland

Roger still has a rose page, but has not updated it for 6 years. Presumably he has lost enthusiasm for keeping it. It's all in Norsk.

* Rose Rage - David Clemons <> - Interviews with hybridizers

no interviews--just pictures of Clemons' roses:
Clemons does have a rose talk show here: ... bred-roses
Maybe this is intended to replace the interviews site.

* Rose Royce - Bob & Joyce Fleming


* Genetic Polymorphism <> by E. B. Ford

* Interspecific Breeding

Related course outline--from the Wayback Machine: ... index.html

The interspecific breeding article from the Wayback Machine: ... terspp.htm

Interspecific hybridization
A species = a set of actually or potentially interbreeding populations that is reproductively isolated from other species

Sometimes, closely related species can be crossed with each other, but this is more difficult than intraspecific hybridization.

* What are the barriers to interspecific hybridization?
* How can plant breeders overcome these barriers?


What are the barriers to interspecific hybridization?

Reproductive isolation between species can involve:

* External barriers to intercrossing

* spatial isolation
* ecological isolation
* different flowering times

* Internal barriers to genetic interchange. These may:

* prevent hybrid zygotes from forming (cross incompatibility)
* cause hybrid plants to be non-viable, weak or sterile
* cause hybrid breakdown in F2 or later generations (F1 is vigourous & fertile, but F2 plants are weak or sterile)

In cross incompatibility, the barrier may be at any stage in the fertilization process.

Hybrid weakness or sterility may be due to disharmony between genomes

* nuclear-nuclear
* nuclear-cytoplasmic (....abnormal chloroplasts)
* embryo-endosperm
* embryo-maternal tissue

often because of differences in the timing of critical processes:

* cell division
* meristem organization & differentiation
* seed germination

Hybrid sterility may be due to failure of chromosome pairing during meiosis:

* non-homology of chromosomes

asynchrony of meiotic events


How can plant breeders overcome barriers to interspecific hybridization?

* Sample the parental populations ...some plants may be more cross compatible than others.
* Make the cross in both directions...even if 1 direction is easier or is expected to be more successful
* Double the chromosome number of 1 or both parents
* Use bridging crosses allow transfer of genes between species that can't be crossed
* Use special emasculation & pollination techniques. For example:

* hot-water emasculation
* mix compatible & incompatible pollen
* apply growth regulators to promote pollen tube growth
* Apply growth regulators after pollination

* Embryo culture on nutrient medium (eg. triticale ... itical.htm )
* Graft hybrid seedlings onto normal rootstocks
* Double the chromosome number of a sterile hybrid (eg.triticale ... itical.htm )

* Predicting the Color of Seedlings < ... &P=N&S=100
1124&U=1&SS=1> by Steve McCulloch ... dlings.htm

**and one more color-related article not by McCulloch ... alette.htm

* TAMU Breeding & Genetics <>

* Theory of the Gene, Gene Mutation and Position Effect < ... /SERRA.HTM> by J. A. Serra

* Septet Formulae of Species < ... EPTETS.HTM> by C. C. Hurst
(shows species ploidy)

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Re: Help Wanted - Internet Detectives

Post: # 54463Post mjmoe
Mon Oct 28, 2013 6:27 pm

The chart of predicting the color of rose seedlings by Steve McCulloch was originally on the website of the Olympia Rose Society, but was dropped some years ago. I did find that it was picked up and can be found at ... color.html

John Moe

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