Problem with rabbits

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Problem with rabbits

Post: # 71954Post Vimenn
Sat Jul 25, 2020 7:19 am

Hi all, I breed roses on my yard but in few weeks I have problem with rabbits which eat roses branches.
Can you advice me what to do? Thanks.
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david zlesak
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Re: Problem with rabbits

Post: # 71955Post david zlesak
Sat Jul 25, 2020 11:37 am

I fight them too and don't have a reasonable way to put up enough really solid fencing to exclude them (dig chicken wire into the ground deep enough all around the perimeter and have the above ground fence high enough... I sometimes live trap them if there are some I notice hanging around. For deer, I've been spraying liquid fence often and I think that helps deter them a bit, but not perfectly. I love it when the neighbors cat comes into the yard. I'm glad I'm in the country and last year saw a fox in the yard one night. There are also birds of prey that fly overhead sometimes that get more of them. This year there was a group of baby rabbits hanging around the potted roses. I have a lot of containers and it is a nice maze for them to hide in. I didn't try to trap any and there seems less of them now.... I'm sorry I don't have better solutions for you. I look forward to other people's ideas.

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Re: Problem with rabbits

Post: # 71956Post rikuhelin1
Sat Jul 25, 2020 1:01 pm

Depends on your size of garden time budget asthetics and needs as what solution you will chose - in my opinion.

My neighbourhood has a plague of feral rabbits for the last two years. Coyotes bobcats, owls, weasels etc have been converging here for a banquet. l will not make time for nature’s balancing act to play out. My bio - clock too close to warlock hour.

Neighbours been throwing up temporary plastic, chicken wire and wooden fences using variety of posting materials. Can look like a aesthetic mess depending on attention to details - spelling excluded. I don't like using orange or green snow fence.

I enclosed the front “show for dough” gardens using black fine grid plastic fencing material available at home depot. Back garden has dog patrol with attitude.

We can get three grades of the black plastic fencing. I chose black as it suits my taste and looks good against a pastel house

My favourite for nearly fool proof is a fine grid, slightly stiff 3ft high, and expensive one about $25 Cdn for 15 feet. I use this full heigth 3 feet for a test bed and half width - 18inches high for two upfront kidney display beds. 18 inches keeps babies out, but not adults. The thickness of the mesh grid results in cutting out viewing area and might irritate you.

For the main front bed l use the medium stiffness, slightly larger mesh size - rolls give 3 foot high fence - adults and babies barrier - voles not excluded. Less pricey per foot and longer 25 foot rolls. Better viewing of the garden due to finer mess

I wont use the superfine black mess as folded on itself in a roll (about 6feet wide) and being so flexible a pain to use

Posts are Homedepot 3 1/2 to 4 foot long wooden, one end pointed staking slats. Cheap. Fancy them up using paint spray gun as lots of “post”. Paint flat black to match fence mesh colour.

Post spacing to taste fence flexing and bed geometry. Use hand level to drive stakes in straight. Getting top and bottom of fence mesh level a pain.

Attaching a breeze, use arctic rated black plastic electric cable ties. Only need one at bottom and top or another if one in middle if cant stand post gaps.

Use landscaping staples to make bottom rigid so bunny cant skinny under any land contour gaps.

Jerry rig gates using slates and mesh for main and test bed.

Drawbacks - can-be expensive - spent easily $300 - plastic frail so watch weed whacker but easily repaired with ties or cutout replacement between posts. Watch trying to climb over it - if you trip besides injury you will tear the fence- easily fixed after your leg heals and rose thorns pulled out - been there done it.

Took me two seasons to get it right.

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Re: Problem with rabbits

Post: # 71957Post jbergeson
Sat Jul 25, 2020 1:14 pm

Liquid Fence might work. It is a spray that you spray right on the roses. We use it around here, mostly for deer.

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