Rosa x binaloudensis

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Rosa x binaloudensis

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Sat Jan 11, 2020 4:37 pm

Published July 17, 2019:

Origin of Rosa x binaloudensis (Rosaceae), a new natural hybrid species from Iran

"Rosa x binaloudensis, a new natural hybrid between R. beggeriana and R. persica is described and characterized after analyzing a set of morphological and molecular data. The putative hybrid with a small population occurs in the mountainous area of northeastern Iran. This taxon resembles R. beggeriana in having white corolla and pinnately compound leaves but its petals have red blotch at the base of each more similar to R. persica....Both the phylogenetic tree and haplotype network analysis confirmed the occurrence of the hybridization between the proposed parental species, R. beggeriana and R. persica. By using the chloroplastic trnL-F sequences, our phylogenetic reconstruction revealed that R. persica has played as a maternal role in the hybridization." ... xa.411.1.2

Photos: ... ensis.html

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