Could this be applied to roses?

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Re: Could this be applied to roses?

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Tue Mar 12, 2019 6:32 pm

Whatever works. However, I have encountered a very few 19th century writers who noticed variations in the sexual systems within Prunus species. Twentieth century authors were more inclined to write about hypothetical incompatibility genes.

Heideman: Sexual Affinities of Prunus americana (1895)
I made several hundred crosses to produce hybrids between our sand cherry (P. Besseyi) and horticultural varieties of Cerasus avium. Pollen of C. avium var. on P. Besseyi invariably proved sterile; reciprocal crosses set fruit, but they failed to germinate, the seed containing only a trace of the aborted ovule. When I finally used the pollen of a proterandrous form of P. Besseyi on a short-styled form of C. avium fertilization was effected and developed a normal fruit, the seed of which germinated and produced an undoubted hybrid. ... s1895.html

I don't know whether such differences in sexual systems occur in Rosa.

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