Germination rate of Carefree Beauty OP?

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Germination rate of Carefree Beauty OP?

Post: # 68412Post philip_la
Thu Oct 04, 2018 11:25 pm

I have collected a moderate number of OP hips from my CB which I figure I might as well germinate, but I'm wondering if I have enough to conduct any sort of meaningful experiments on germination. (I haven't hulled the hips yet, but I'm guesstimating maybe in the ballpark of 50+ seeds or thereabouts -- nothing statistically significant, but perhaps enough to give me an idea as to whether one process might work better than another, assuming fairly high rate of germination under ideal situations...)

What sorts of rates do folks normally expect?

I had some seeds from Kim that *should* have germinated "like grass seeds" which have not yet had much success. Obviously, I am doing something dumb. (When I was actively doing this years ago, I generally had pretty high germination rates across the board, but was using a *very* old fridge that tended to ice up and worked poorly more often than not. A do-gooder once defrosted the old beast unbeknownst to me, whereupon I had *everything* germinate only to freeze hard in the newly uber-effective fridge...)

I'm also curious, in view of the fact that most fridges are set around 33 degrees Farenheit, do a lot of you have dedicated fridges set to a warmer temp for your seeds? (I cannot justify a small second fridge, but was just wondering if my kitchen fridge is part of my problem...)
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Re: Germination rate of Carefree Beauty OP?

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Sat Oct 06, 2018 9:40 pm

I'm probably not the one to weigh in, because I have a ton of experience germinating seeds but haven't ever gotten great germination percentages on average.

I'd guess you'll get about 15 seeds per hip. I've definitely gotten Carefree Beauty to germinate but have no idea what the percentages were.

I keep my seeds pretty cold over winter, in a refrigerated storage building. As spring approaches I suppose the temps creep up a little, which might induce germination. However, in general I sow them all before many have germinated and bring them into greenhouse temps.

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Re: Germination rate of Carefree Beauty OP?

Post: # 68436Post henry kuska
Sun Oct 07, 2018 12:08 am

Carefree Beauty is one that could be virused. I do not know how much being virused would decrease the percentage that germinate, but it will probably decrease the number of viable seeds formed.

"In vitro experiments demonstrated that infection with PNRSV decreases the germination percentage of pollen grains by more than half and delays the growth of pollen tubes by ≈24 h." ... -97-8-0892

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Re: Germination rate of Carefree Beauty OP?

Post: # 68438Post david zlesak
Sun Oct 07, 2018 12:47 pm

For Carefree BeautyTM ('BUCbi') op seedlings in a past germination experiment I got from the 30's to 60's for percent germination. It is a relatively easy parent to germinate seeds from in my experience. ... 1.full.pdf

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