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Re: 2018-biltmore-rose-trial-winners-announced/

Post: # 68414Post philip_la
Fri Oct 05, 2018 12:16 am

Thanks, Henry. Always interesting to see. As I recall, Princesse Charlene de Monaco had already racked up a few awards internationally. I believe I looked her up after seeing bouquets of her for sale at my local supermarket, of all places.
Philip F.
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Re: 2018-biltmore-rose-trial-winners-announced/

Post: # 68430Post jbergeson
Sat Oct 06, 2018 11:55 am

I'm excited for Highwire Flyer, which I grew for the first time this season.

- sets hips
- Radler roses on average have strong and broad disease resistance
- listed as a Zone 5 climber, which means it is cane hardy in Zone 5, which in turn may translate into very strong crown hardiness in Z3
- Good rebloom - possible progress towards the elusive combo of cane hardiness and bloom power

I'm hoping it produces a high percentage of reblooming seedlings. One of my disappointments and frustrations in the rose breeding learning curve was figuring out that fully remontant roses, especially some of the hardy ones, can have the characteristic of not passing on remontancy to every seedling. That makes them difficult to use when integrating species genetics because it is impossible to know if the F1's inherited the reblooming genes. If I can establish that Highwire Flyer gives 100% rebloomers when crossed with strong rebloomers then it will prove valuable when crossing with, for instance, R. virginiana because I can pollinate the resulting F1's with rebloomers and have a stronger hope of recovering rebloom in the F2 generation.

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