RRV in Rugosa

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RRV in Rugosa

Post: # 68071Post Warren
Thu Jul 05, 2018 7:37 pm

I was wondering if Rugosa roses in the USA have been effected by RRV
cheers Warren

Larry Davis
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Re: RRV in Rugosa

Post: # 68072Post Larry Davis
Thu Jul 05, 2018 11:56 pm

I have very few rugosas and not a lot of RRD, but last year I lost 8 or 10 plants of mixed kinds because I took a wait and see attitude in one area of the garden. For high value plants I try to cut it out at the base of canes and with some I have successfully saved them.

This spring I saw RRD on Belle Poitevine. I cut out the offending cane and the rest of the plant seems healthy so far. The few R rugosa rubra seedlings seem to have been unaffected even though some of their neighbors died of RRD. I've had it on an R pomifera seedling but not other species, including R woodsii which some have claimed is the original source. So far this year I've lost maybe 6-8 plants. Around town whole plantings of Sunrise-sunset and various Knock-out roses have succumbed. I am in Kansas where there is plenty of wind-blown everything. RRD has been here since early 1980s but not much noticeable until the big run-up in KO roses after 2000. Before then I lost maybe 5 bushes over 20 years to RRD while closer to 100 from BS, winter and drought.

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