Under-utilized species you feel might have merit

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Re: Under-utilized species you feel might have merit

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Tue Jul 24, 2018 2:05 pm

Rob, Kimberly is intriguing. I'm germinating my first o.p. Woodsii's and excited at the prospect of working with such. If you ever get your hands on that Louis Riel you're seeking, I'm thinking there's a match made in heaven. (I wonder if LR's caninae meiosis wouldn't be largely broken down after such a cross? That would make for a fun tetraploid seedling to play with!)

Andre, I get blanda and nitida confused sometimes (One's shining, the other is smooth...) Have you ever worked with nitida? If I thought it wouldn't melt down here, it's an appealing species, IMO. I once saw it growing along the St. Lawrence among feral rugosas without knowing what it was. I collected some hips, but no germinations thus far, and little hope of keeping any alive here in Central Texas... (We hit 109 yesterday, and quite dry...)

Have you seen the other species in person? A thornless species has a certain appeal...
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