Observation on pollen mother cell meiosis of new rose cultiv

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Observation on pollen mother cell meiosis of new rose cultiv

Postby henry kuska » Tue Mar 06, 2018 1:18 am

Title: Observation on pollen mother cell meiosis of new rose cultivar, Rosa 'Yunfen'.

Author(s) : Chen Min; Wang YuanYuan; Li Xia; Li HuiMin; Wu Min; Zhang Hao; Wang QiGang; Zhang Ting; Jian Hong Ying

Author Affiliation : Flower Research Institute, Yunnan Academy of Agricultural Sciences/Yunnan Key Laboratory for Flower Breeding/National Engineering Research Center for Ornamental Horticulture, Yunnan, Kunming 650200, China.

Author Email : 215652969@qq.comynwildflower@aliyun.com

Journal article : Southwest China Journal of Agricultural Sciences 2017 Vol.30 No.4 pp.881-886 ref.32

Abstract : "Objective: Rosa 'Yunfen' was a plant breeders' right owned new cut rose cultivar. The rose hip and achene setting rates were very low and differred significantly among crossing combinations when R. 'Yunfen' was used as the paternal parents in hybridization breeding. Method: To find the reason, pollen mother cell meiosis of R. 'Yunfen' was observed and the meiotic phases in different periods of the division were recorded in this study. Result: The optimal time for observation of meiosis was when the bud was about 1.03-1.07 cm wide and 2.9-3.4 cm long. At that stage, the anther colour turned from light green to yellowish green. The meiotic behaviors of pollen mother cells were non-synchronic and several meiosis phases could be observed in the same anther. Abnormal phenomina of meiosis such as univalent, trivalent and chromosome-bridge could be observed in the first division of meiosis. Then, triad and dyad were produced in the second division of meiosis of R. 'Yunfen', by which 2n pollens were formed. Conclusion: The abnormal division of PMCs of R. 'Yunfen' might be a reason for the low hip and achene setting rate when used as paternal parent in breeding."

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