2017 germinations

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Re: 2017 germinations

Post: # 67592Post Warren
Thu Apr 12, 2018 7:27 pm

[attachment=1]S34 T132 2 .jpg[/attachment]Seedling S34 T132.
(Kathleen X Pauls Himalayan Musk Rambler) X JUS 2 (T) Type 3

JUS 2 (T) Type 3 is a possible cross of Ann Endt X R.woodsii , seed from Joe Berg.
The seedlings foliage colour is grey green like the pollinator. It has repeated very well all through the growing season and now we are in Autumn there are abundant buds forming again. Growth at this moment is very short and compact.
S34 T132.jpg
Seedling S34 T132
S34 T132 2 .jpg
Seedling S34 T132

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Re: 2017 germinations

Post: # 67594Post jriekstins
Thu Apr 12, 2018 9:51 pm

Love your 2016 FS14. Hope the freckles come through future crosses--they are delightful. S34 T132 certainly looks like a woodsii flower. Have you used woodsii much and what kind of results have you had so far? I am impressed by its' health, adaptability and drought tolerance.
]Jackie, SoCal., zone 9b,coastal foothills

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