Red landscape roses -- compare and contrast

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Red landscape roses -- compare and contrast

Post: # 65225Post philip_la
Mon Mar 27, 2017 12:34 am

I'm curious about the relative merits/deficits of the assortment of new reds now available, and what your experience has been using them.

I currently have Knockout, Miracle on the Hudson, and Kardinal Kolorscape, but have not had in ground long enough to compare. Also wondered about some of the intermediate and other family members such as Home Run, and also Fiji (another Kordes with purportedly high BS-resistance.)
Philip F.
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Re: Red landscape roses -- compare and contrast

Post: # 65233Post jbergeson
Wed Mar 29, 2017 9:11 am

Just blabbing here:

Thrive! was a gorgeous rose, but died out here in Zone 3. I never thought of Knock Out as red. High hopes for Miracle on the Hudson, but I haven't given one a winter outside yet. Love the huge single blossoms. Fire Meideland has done pretty well here for a few years. It will be fun to try the new Canadian Shield rose. Emily Carr is a nice medium red but gets blackspot. Oso Happy Candy Oh! is pretty great - very shrubby and floriferous. I am attaching a pic of a rose I call Peter's Red - one of his rescues from the Morden breeding program. It was stunning early last year, although it had some issues later in the summer. Also attaching pic of Oso Happy Candy Oh in our display garden last year.
Oso Happy Candy Oh!
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Peters Red

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Re: Red landscape roses -- compare and contrast

Post: # 65255Post hoy127
Fri Mar 31, 2017 9:46 pm

1. Last year I found a plant of Midwest Living, another of Radler's hybrids, at a local Home Depot. Despite information in the patent application stating it is not as BS resistant as Knock Out it stayed very healthy last year in my central GA garden. I find the flower a more pleasing shade of red than Knock Out, perhaps a little darker. 2. I also have a red Mike Athy seedling that was shared with Geoff Coolidge of Cool Roses in south Florida. I don't believe it was ever registered. Name on the tag is AthyGruko. Very glossy foliage, extremely resistant to BS and dark red in color. A great landscape variety! It has produced a similarly colored OP seedling that I have kept.
3. If you don't mind a white eye on your red landscape roses Candia Meillandecor, Oso Easy Cherry Pie, is a very prolific bloomer, somewhat low and spreading. It's healthy and produces healthy seedlings.
4. A friend of mine has registered an outstanding red shrub named Rhapsody In Red. Way above average resistance to BS, nice sprays and extremely heat tolerant. Last year a crew repairing damage to my roof came to my door and asked if they could buy the plant. It stands out that much.
Rhapsody in Red fall.JPG
Rhapsody in Red
my seedling from AthyGruko

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