Northern Accents® ‘Lena’, ‘Ole’, ‘Sigrid’, and ‘Sven’: Four

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henry kuska
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Northern Accents® ‘Lena’, ‘Ole’, ‘Sigrid’, and ‘Sven’: Four

Post: # 63345Post henry kuska
Wed Apr 06, 2016 12:33 pm

Northern Accents® ‘Lena’, ‘Ole’, ‘Sigrid’, and ‘Sven’: Four Cold-hardy Polyantha Rose Cultivars from the University of Minnesota Woody Landscape Plant Breeding Program
See: ... l.pdf+html

Unfortunately, even though this was published by a state university, it is hidden behind a "you must pay barrier".

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Re: Northern Accents® ‘Lena’, ‘Ole’, ‘Sigrid’, and ‘Sven’: F

Post: # 63347Post jbergeson
Wed Apr 06, 2016 3:03 pm

These are pretty good plants. Unfortunately my supplier Bailey Nurseries stopped carrying them and I don't know where they can be found on the market.

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Re: Northern Accents® ‘Lena’, ‘Ole’, ‘Sigrid’, and ‘Sven’: F

Post: # 63348Post jpkrvi
Wed Apr 06, 2016 3:10 pm

This is the first time I read about these cultivars. Apparently, they have not reached northern Europe.
Jukka Kallijarvi

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Re: Northern Accents® ‘Lena’, ‘Ole’, ‘Sigrid’, and ‘Sven’: F

Post: # 63351Post joverom
Wed Apr 06, 2016 8:35 pm

Hi Joe,

I am wondering if Bailey's did decide to start producing these roses again. I recently checked out a catalog from a local greenhouse (Winter Greenhouse in Winter, Wisconsin) and they have the Northern Accents Ole, Sven, and Sigrid listed as being available when the greenhouse opens in a few weeks. These are not old left-overs--I shop there every season and the roses are the first plants I check out. (I seem to recall that Lena might have been a bit more difficult to propagate and she is not available). Since the registration names are Baisven, Baiole, and UMNsigrid, it would seem that Baileys and the U of M might hold some rights to them and I am assuming that the plants must have come from Baileys or they have given someone else the right to propagate them. It's worth checking out the situation with Bailey's. It would be nice if they were available again on a more regular basis.
Julie Overom
Barnes, WI (Northwest Wisconsin, Zone 3)

david zlesak
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Re: Northern Accents® ‘Lena’, ‘Ole’, ‘Sigrid’, and ‘Sven’: F

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Thu Apr 07, 2016 12:57 am

Wow, you are fast Henry!! The new HortScience just went active today!! Northland Rosarium has some for sale and they ship mail order

With the downturn in the economy and reduced sales of roses, Baileys stopped producing them. Maybe they'd be interested in picking them up again if there is a stronger demand. The hope of this cultivar release is to get the word out further and hopefully more nurseries picking them up again.

I'm sorry that the article is not freely available. I'm a coauthor and helped with counting the chromosomes, being part of the black spot resistance characterization efforts, and working with the team to write the article. HortScience charges authors $100 per page along with an extra fee for having color pictures. Articles are free to readers and open access after 3 years. If we paid an additional $600 we could have had it open access immediately. Hopefully as we personally send nurseries copies of the article it will spur on interest.

david zlesak
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Re: Northern Accents® ‘Lena’, ‘Ole’, ‘Sigrid’, and ‘Sven’: Four

Post: # 70556Post david zlesak
Sat Nov 02, 2019 10:13 pm

I'm excited Dave Schulte has picked up the series and has enough 'Sven' ready to sell. Hopefully the other 3 will be ready to add to their offerings soon. I had a great visit with him and his wife about their efforts to make them more widely available again. Dave has a strong passion for a wide range of woody plants and he especially appreciates roses.

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