When to expect Rugelda F1 first blooms

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Re: When to expect Rugelda F1 first blooms

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Thu Jan 23, 2020 7:12 pm

That brings up a question I have had in mind:
Will only the ones that bloom the first year be repeat bloomers?
I know that in Rugosas even those that are not juvenile bloomers could be repeat bloomers, although not necessarily.

Also, does that go for other cold hardy plants, like Candadian roses?

If one does not bloom the first year is it guaranteed to be a once a year bloomer?
What is the likelihood of gaining repeat bloom in the next generation if you cross that one with a repeat bloomer?
Has anyone been attempting that who can share their experience: does experience bear out the numbers expected?

I have two seedlings I kept that did not bloom last season I expect are from William Baffin pollen. If not repeating I was hoping to regain by crossing again. I don't want to waiste my time if that is not possible or at least somewhat likely.

Joe, I will see what the number of seedling from Above and Beyond end up. I crossed it both ways, although few crosses took on it. Fortunately, I have a decent number of seeds from the opposite cross on several plants, and they are just beginning to germinate. The fun begins!!!


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Re: When to expect Rugelda F1 first blooms

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Fri Jan 24, 2020 10:05 am

Hi Duane!

Most all of the Above and Beyond seedlings do not have juvenile bloom. Some once mature are more freer flowering. A&B is a cross of a mini and a species hybrid (R. virginiana x R. laxa). So, we can guess it has rrRR (R is one time bloom, r repeat) for the primary gene that generally governs repeat bloom. I think there is preferential pairing in A&B for the chromosome that houses this gene. The RR chromosomes generally seem to pair and the rr seem to pair, so most all of the gametes will then receive one copy of each pair for Rr and crossed with a typical repeat flowering rose gives us Rrrr. These should with more rrrr parents produce a good number of typical repeaters. There are of course other genes and factors regulating repeat bloom, as mentioned with rugosas having extended juvenility before they bloom strong.

Here is a nice article by Dr. Roger Mitchell from a few years back documenting reflowering in his species hybrids. http://www.globalsciencebooks.info/Onli ... 46-52o.pdf

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Re: When to expect Rugelda F1 first blooms

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Fri Jan 24, 2020 7:49 pm

thanks for the info. and especially the article!

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